Take a shot. Answer honestly. Bare your soul. How well do you know the person sitting across from you, holding the bottle? Some secrets just aren't meant to be shared.

A short horror story.

AuthorOlivia White
Made withTwine


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I didn't realise this was horror until I read the description and well.
I was spooked by the art

wow i loved this!

Add more and more options! Lead this in even more sinister places, I loved the concept.

I really liked this little adventure! I answered honestly as I could and the twists genuinely shocked me. At first I thought it was just a normal Truth or Dare game, but the more I kept reading, the more and more I realized that it was going to end up sinister.

I loved the twist on the typical Truth or Dare questions leading up to the reveal. The art accompanying each question was very good as well, and it genuinely had me unsettled for a second. Great job!