I made All The Dead Bones a couple of years back. It's a candid, honest autobiographical account of growing up with a disability which also went hand in hand with a very visible deformity.

Many years after the condition was first diagnosed, I was able to have corrective surgery. This changed things, but not always in the ways you'd expect.

This is a deeply personal, extremely open piece of non-fiction from someone who normally prefers to disguise autobiography through allegory.

I've remade it slightly for 2016, including a new introduction and epilogue, and further details on the reality of my situation.

My aim with this game is to simply let people experience what I went through, in a safe and comfortable format.

I can't decide if I like it or not.

Published Jan 18, 2016
AuthorOlivia White
Tagsautobiography, disability, health, real-life, Twine

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